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Museum of Fishery and Shipbuilding Fishing Boats.


In the Museum of Fisheries and Shipbuilding of Fishing Boats of Perama, the visitors will be able to see up close material evidence of the cultural identity of Perama and the Greek naval culture such as the old tools used once upon a time for the construction of wooden fishing boats. Planers, saws, manual drills, wooden winches, harpoons… revive the art of shipbuilders which once flourished in the shipyards of Perama, the boats, trawls, schooners, “Panadika”, and the whole heritage of shipbuilding culture. All this museum material underlines how different the relationship that sea workers had in the past with the object of their work and with nature was, as compared to today. The manual working methods of shipbuilders and fishermen, the organic nature of the shipbuilding materials as well as the modes of exploitation reveal a harmonious and respectful relationship between man and nature. Now the sails have been replaced by engines, wood by iron and plastic, manual labor by the power of engines and the natural management of marine resources by overfishing, resulting in a threat to marine ecosystems.


The choice of the Museum of Fisheries and Shipbuilding of Fishing Boats of Perama for the exhibition “The Green Path” thus directly reflects issues of concern to us all, including social identity, and provides the ideal setting for exploring such issues through art.

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