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Organic matter

Nature is an integral part of Martha Dimitropoulou’s life and artistic inspirations. Living literally in the forest, the artist understands her familiar and daily contact experience with nature as an undivided part of her own biorythm's development. In this way, she presents in her work the contemporary aspects and the negative socio-political results of the material culture in contrast to the natural balance and the harmonious coexistence of man in the natural environment.

Dimitropoulou's visual methods of artistic production include in situ installations, sculptures and photographic series of works with various dimensions. The use of organic and ephemeral materials in her works, such as pine needles or clay, take on the dimensions of a symbolic contrast between concepts such as luxury and humility, dominion and virtue, power and moderation.

In 2013, Dimitropoulou presented her work entitled Mercedes S500, a faithful reproduction on a scale of 1/1 of the eponymous armored model of the famous brand of luxury cars, made entirely of pine needles. Organic matter here declassifies the symbolism of the object itself as part of a display of wealth, dominion and power, replacing these concepts with the recollection of “natural time”, the futility and ephemeral nature of human existence as part of the organic world. In the same series of works with pine needles belongs the work Chandelier (2014), where again the artist attempts to deconstruct the meanings of social order and identity. The artificial light of chandelier is transformed into organic light of nature, reminding us that even the smallest things of nature can illuminate the human spirit.

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