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Like a living kaleidoscope

Marios Fournaris (1981) is both artist and co-curator of “The Green Path”. Furthermore, he is from Perama, and lives and works in Perama. His main interests, for the environment, for “Arte Povera”, Pistoletto’s “Third Paradise” and for the “New Humanism”, are both theoretical and artistic, deeply rooted in his experience in Perama and develop and extend into his art. Many of his works recall oxymorons, linking love to imprisonment, multiculturalism to local life and objects, knowledge in art history to social concerns. Fournaris’ constant perception of the complexity of the world as well as of its beauty led, among others, to a very genuine representation of “reflection”: a mirror often seems to separate his photographs into two parts that however cannot be distinguished. The whole, in Fournaris works, is always made of all the parts, all its complexities, all the different gazes, like a living kaleidoscope.


Perama constitutes for Marios Fournaris “the last physical and imaginary frontier between the sky and the sea, and the concept of freedom, which is expressed symbolically by these two natural elements. It is a unique place where the limits of everyday life are often overturned through imaginative adversities.” The artist somehow carries inside him and inside his art this very particular piece of land and all its characteristics, a land created by various waves of migrations, with the constant and ongoing feeling of necessity that animates its inhabitants.


As a curator, Fournaris focuses on the possibilities of a new humanism and an extended future based on the synergy between nature and culture. These two elements are also expressed in his polysemous art, where the artist, with his allegories of life, love, time, death, technology and the stress of survival, constantly renegotiates man’s relationship with material culture and the beauty of nature.


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