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Connection with the whole

The works of Kyriaki Goni explore the environmental effects of our virtual technologies and their uses in life and art, and how new ways of organizing and managing these technologies may generate novel “green paths” in the future. In our era of climate and other crisis, the production, accumulation, and storage of data raise questions about their impact on the natural environment and energy consumption. Kyriaki Goni’s work focuses on the relations and interactions between technology and society, bringing in dialogue the local and the global perspective. The artist often mixes truth and fiction, present knowledge and digital future, the cloud and the earth, cables and roots, in a way that leads us viewers to rethink our relationship to nature and technology and the ways in which technology may, or may not, alter nature. This dialog between the viewers and the art works is an important part of Goni’s art, a part that she concretizes by organizing workshops, talks and papers/essays, presented et conferences and published in journals or on online platforms. This artist’s interest, desire and ability to interact with the public, is very important for “The Green Path”, inasmuch one of the goals of the exhibition is to reconnect and renew the dialog between the people of Perama and contemporary art and the social and political issues that are explored by art –in particular, by “eco-art”. The “New Humanism” that “The Green Path” aims to promote requires our awareness of nature instrumentalization – and how to prevent it. Kyriaki Goni, with her complex works, addresses questions such as: Can habits and practices change in a reality that is already mediated by technology? What role can the natural environment and the ‘more-than-human’ worlds play in provoking this change? How can, in our current and future environments nature and culture interact in synergy? In her video work “Poem about the Origins of Networks” (2019), Goni, combining elements of reality with fiction, describes the origin, role and contribution of human networks to the collective survival of humanity. These networks constitute an invisible force of connection and communication. Within the geographical and historical space of the Greek archipelago, Goni highlights the importance of communication between peoples and cultures, and the power of networks to rewrite the memory of a pre-existing connection with the whole. This connection with the whole is proposed as an essential condition for a viable future.


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