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Eco-art, an art of life

Giorgos Tsakiris, apart from being an accomplished artist and teacher, who systematically deals with installations, painting and photography, is also a “philosopher of art”. The synthesis of his singular installations, first of all leads the viewer to a familiar impulse for thinking, an impulse to re-examine the role of our existence in the world. Tsakiris' artworks do not contain the metaphysical question of “why do I exist”, but much more are focus their interest on the essential content of “how can I exist”. Forming morphologically and functionally the framework of an aesthetic experience much more organic and less artificial emphasizes to the relationship between nature and art. The characteristic “vitality” of the artist's installations, symbolically constitutes the timely and urgent message of revival the harmonious condition of human coexistence with nature, in the modern post-industrial environment, through the negotiation of natural processes and concepts, such as the continuous cycle of life, rebirth, decomposition, decay and creation. This close relationship between art and the natural environment definitively allows us to “label” Tsakiris as an “ecological artist”. Namely, an artist who, living and experiencing the reality and life of nature from very close, is fully aware of both the threats that weigh on the shoulders of future generations and the belief that art, although it cannot change the world, remains one of the best ways to open our eyes and shape the way we think and see the world.


The artist consciously incorporates in his art visual evidences of agricultural labor, in order to share or remind the viewers of the experience of agricultural life and the transformative effect of natural time on organic matter. After all, he actively experiences this way of life as an integral part of his origin and his familiar daily life. Tsakiris, by creating the sense of artificial ecosystems, often restores to the collective consciousness the reminder of nature’s contingent and ephemeral character, emphasizing on the value of austere life, the simplicity of character, the direct communication and the positive energy which is created by the synergy of art with life.

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