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© Sam Van Aken

“Creative Ecology” is a shared initiative of Valérie Toubas, Barbara Polla and Daniel Guionnet in collaboration with Paul Ardenne and Marios Fournaris, with artists engaged in “green paths” and all of those who, in one way or another, work to create the world of today and tomorrow: biologists, politicians, writers, nomads … 

The Creative Ecology platform is multidisciplinary and open. It welcomes improvisation; speculative fabulation as defined by Donna Haraway; the practice of fables in every artistic forms; scientific facts as well as science fiction. The Creative Ecology platform is a forum for exploration and discussion. Its purpose is to promote attempts to create a new presence to the world. A presence of the world, with us, humans of all genders, and others. They’re coming : a world is coming. 

The Creative Ecology platform offers a special space for cultural links between France and Greece, i.e., to Greek artists, to New Humanism and to the SHARING PERAMA project, which aims to be a model of creative ecology, linking together facts and fictions. 

Beyond its goal of blissful harmony between human and nature, between man and the living, between man and man and woman, ecology carries with it a whole series of negative concepts: announcement of the end of our world, the disappearance of species, the need to restrict, the decrease, the return to the past. Even ecological artists often take a very critical look at the world and express it in their works, but they also demonstrate tremendous creativity for novel forms of ecology. Relying on this breathtaking proliferation of “eco-art”, we aim to orient this platform towards the most fertile fields of creation of diverse, different worlds, thereby paving our ways to the future.

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