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The video works of Ali Kazma constitute a very personal affair, formed through the intention of understanding the relation between our self and the phenomena of the world that surround us. The artist brings to the fore issues concerning the existential competence of the individual and collective self within the contemporary era. Through intense and meticulous observations, Kazma attempts to decode complex concepts and the role of the corporeal schema, that is, the physical and spiritual space for the development of the self through a wide network of social, political and economic relations. He thus establishes a poetic archive of human condition in the present, highlighting forms of resistance in places where a scattered and individual organization of power is built. For this reason, the artist often chooses as his field of artistic research and action places such as a factories, prison, school, universities… These choices are indicative of Kazma's intention to highlight a new collective identity for the human that is being shaped away from the culture of spectacle, mass consumption and manipulation. The artists addresses us this fundamental question: will the transition from the individual to the collective, from personal memory to collective memory be shaped through the idea that the whole of human behavior should be determined by the moral feeling of respect to the other, or not?


Kazma points out that material culture and relations of production – and consequently social relations – are always shaped by the concept of balance. A balance, that corresponds to the natural pattern of the bidirectional relationship of man with his body and the world. As the artist states: "in order to learn about the world, the world must learn about me".

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